• Is there an odour during application?

    The exterior sealer for our Decorock decorative system does let off a smell for a few hours. Our epoxy coatings, however, are low VOC and have virtually no odour.

  • How thick are your coatings?

    They vary from 1/8″ upwards to 1/2″ depending on requirements, repairs and application.

  • Is the finish matte or glossy?

    A typical sealed application will remain glossy for approximately two weeks then naturally matte with time as the sealer is absorbed. Upon request, we can seal the surface with a high gloss or matte sealer.

  • Can your surfaces withstand heavy machinery and equipment?

    Our Epoxy systems can withstand heavy equipment, as it is an industrial-grade application. Even our decorative Decorock system out-performs our competitors and can withstand a fair amount of use. Nevertheless, we recommend avoiding anything that may willfully damage the finished surface, as anything can ultimately be damaged if enough effort is made.

  • Can it be applied over surfaces other than concrete?

    The Decorock Overlay System can be installed over concrete, brick, stone, and ceramic/porcelain tile, both interior and exterior! We also install over existing decorative surfaces, such as stamped or patterned concrete, as well as backsplashes and brick fireplaces.

    In fact, Decorock Overlay can go right over your aging ceramic, stone, or porcelain kitchen tile, saving you a messy floor renovation!

  • I have water beading on my newly-finished surface, is this normal?

    Yes! The beading is a result of the surface being newly sealed. Our high-performance sealer requires up to 14 days to fully penetrate the concrete coating.

  • How do I clean the surface?

    Our permanent overlays clean easily with a power washer or anything you might use for ceramic tiles.

  • Do I need to re-seal or re-apply your Decorock system?

    Re-sealing your Decorock is for anyone desiring that brand-new look and can otherwise be considered entirely optional. We have untouched decade-old projects that look phenomenal!

    We do sell a high-quality sealer from our office location, however, which can be applied by homeowners every two to three years. Please call ahead to ensure availability.

  • Can I do this myself?

    We do not sell our product to the general public and strongly recommend that you do not attempt to re-surface your concrete yourself without the proper tools and training. The materials can be hazardous, if not handled properly. Creating decorative concrete overlays is both a trade and a talent – leave it to the professionals to get it done right!

    However, if you’re interested in putting your skills into action, franchise opportunities are now available! Call the office at 905-799-0330 for details.

  • Do you service my area?

    Our office is based in Brampton, but we service the entire Greater Toronto Area, including Burlington, Oakville, Newmarket, King, Stouffville, and Markham.

  • How long have you been in business?

    Twelve years and only getting better! Because of our very high standards and commitment to quality service, we have built a great rapport with our customers, and sincerely appreciate every referral and recommendation.

  • What are the benefits of your decorative overlays?

    Decorock is a permanent, cost-effective product that protects your concrete and adds value to your property. It is cool to the touch and slip-resistant, and makes the surface safer to use for you and your family. Our customizable designs are hand-crafted with every installation, giving you the opportunity to truly create the look you’re dreaming of.

  • How do I know if your product is right for me?

    If you have concrete that needs a new surface, needs to be made safer, or just needs to look better, than Decorock could be the right product for you. We also surface brick, drywall, tile, and patterned concrete.

    More importantly, our project manager will visit your home, show you samples of our finished product, and answer all of your questions, letting you make the best choice for you and your family. We are confident that you’ll love the look of Decorock.

  • My area is small. Why is there a minimum charge?

    In order to prepare our materials properly, we have to mix a full batch of Decorock every time – we cannot reduce the amount of material for a smaller area, even if it is more product than might be needed.

    As our prices are all-inclusive, our minimum charge not only covers this base material cost, but covers every step needed for a quality installation – preparation, base coat, top coat, sealers, mobilization, and so forth.

  • Is this the same or better than stamped or patterned concrete?

    Installers use rubber mats to press fresh concrete with a decorative design for stamped or patterned concrete. Decorock is different – we surface existing concrete. Compared to stamping, which is a repeated pattern, we install every line and texture by hand, giving a unique design every time. And while stamped concrete ends with a very smooth and slippery finish thanks to a non-porous rubber mat, our overlays are naturally gritty and non-slip.

  • How long does the work last?

    Our coatings are engineered for to be permanent. When additional care is taken to protect the product – by using calcium chloride pellets instead of rock salt and/or maintaining the surface treatment – there’s no reason why your new Decorock coating shouldn’t last a very long time!

  • What is your warranty?

    We stand by the durability of our product and offer an industry-leading warranty on all of our concrete covering installations, with no hidden fees or costs – our warranty includes all supplied material and workmanship. The standard warranty is three years, but can depend on the existing surface, the type of work, and client input.

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