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Condo Corporations

Specializing in complete remediation - Property Management firms and consultants trust Decorock to restore concrete for Condominium Corporations throughout the GTA from Decorative to standard Texture finished applications.

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Specializing in non-slip decorative coatings for high traffic surfaces - Property and Management firms require safety and efficient turn-over of projects, Décorock offers a variety of applications.

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No one does it better! We work with the homeowners objective making it easy to feel comfortable with us. From porch-tops to pool decks and balconies to patios - Show us your "UGLY" concrete area and we'll show you that your just days away from a complete transformation! Non-slip, cool to the touch and decorative.

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Specialty & Custom Work

Interior wall finishes & wall transformations - This area is highly specialized, we will from top to bottom use our installers talent and skill to transform your walls, fireplace or any other interior/ exterior surface into the look of limestone, slate or any other stone texture. Who thought a concrete wall would look so regal? We have transformed fireplaces and interior walls in restaurants and luxury homes

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The DuROCK Lab

We are personally involved in the research and development of concrete coating products, I provide input into how the materials perform from an installation perspective. Once the initial development and compositions are created Decorock is called to test the workability and suggest alterations ...

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Decorock Pricing Guide

Check out our new easy to read pricing guideline for Decorock installation and overlay removal. This is just a basic guidline to give you an approximate figure to go by.

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